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Welcome to 2021!

After a disastrous covid related 2020, with most event being cancelled, we are hopeful that 2021 will be a much better year for both riders and organisers.

The few rides that took place after lockdown restrictions were lifted to allow these events, resulted in a massive influx of riders. As many as 500 riders were registered for some of these events.

There is still much pent-up demand and we expect to see high turnouts at all events this year. We also expect to see new participants in the sport.

We continue to be thankful to the farmers and landowners who allow to use their land for these events.

Here you’ll find a schedule of all of the funduro style events that take place in South Africa each year.

Funduro Events South Africa will need our readers (that’s you!) to let us know of forthcoming events that are not yet listed.


We’d like to cover events throughout the whole of South Africa, so let us know about missing events by emailing us at admin@funduro.co.za or by completing the contact form. We’ll try and track down the organisers to get the event listed.

We’ve also put in place a system whereby you can rate each event that you have taken part in. If you have ridden in listed events in the past, why not rate your experience?

We may even be able to include photo galleries of each event in due course.

Please spread the word and be sure to like us and our Facebook Page, and don’t forget to share our links!

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