The Vanrhynsdorp Funduro 2018 takes place on 20th October 2018

Event Name: Vanrhynsdorp Funduro
Event Location:
Môrester Akademie, Vanrhynsdorp, WP
Event Date: Saturday 20/10/2018
Event Cost: R200 adults, R150 under 12s, R150 lifts
Vehicles Bikes, quads & side-by-sides

Vanrhynsdorp Funduro 2018 Poster

Event Times 08:45 -1st Briefing
09:00 – Start
09:45 -2ndBriefing
10:00 – Start
GPS Co-ordinates
-31.486306 18.972399
Route Distance Approx. 50km
 Contacts: Kellie 083-650 8887
Christo: 083-304 2156

Event Description:

Vanrhynsdorp Funduro 2018

Expect gravel rocky roads, 2 gravel road mountain passes, water crossings, minimal sand on route of approx. 50km
The setting for this event will be mostly in the Klein Kobee region near Vanrhynsdorp, 300km north from Cape Town. The route stretches over two rocky mountain passes, through and over a few hills, some water crossings (depending on rainfall), nice open stretches and seasonal wildflower veld. Sand on this route is almost non existing and would make it ideal for novice to medium skilled riders to join. A red loop section will be optional for the more adventurous riders. The total loop distance will be around 50km.

Warning: The two mountain passes encountered in this route is quite steep, has NO barriers and very rocky in some places. We urge ALL riders to be extremely careful when ascending and descending through these stretches.Rather take it slow, stop and enjoy the scenery as often as you like.

Please note that there will be 2 start times for this event. If you intend to ride the route twice, you will need to join the first group.

Coffee and pancakes will be sold at the starting point in the morning and braaivleis for lunch. Cold drinks will be available to buy throughout the day. There will be a lucky draw in the afternoon sponsored by Dirtrider Motorcycles.

The Vanrhynsdorp Funduro 2018 will be a charity fundraiser like every year! This Year the revenue will be donated to CANSA!

The will be a dance in the evening for the people who will be sleeping over and are not tired enough after the days event. Tickets to this dance will include a meal.
Entry Tickets : R120.00 adults, R80 High School kids and R60 for primary school kids.

Accomodation is available all over Vanrhynsdorp. Please google the guesthouses, lodges and caravan park in the region for more info.

How To Enter

You may pay on arrival.


Our gathering point this year will be 26km past Vanrhynsdorp on the Nieuwoudtville road. Turn right when you reach Bagdad Cafe (on the left). The turnoff would be clearly marked. Then follow a 3,6km dirt road to the starting point.

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Vanrhynsdorp Funduro 2018

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